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Five Ways to Turn Leftover Sloe Berries into Christmas Gifts. in Articles November 21, 2016. Whether you’ve foraged heaps of sloes or are looking for a way to make use of leftover, gin-soaked sloe berries, here are five delicious ideas for handmade Christmas gifts. 18/07/2017 · Sloe gin is an old favourite that’s ready just in time for Christmas, but our version keeps on giving: once you’ve guzzled the fruity scarlet gin you can re-use the sloes to flavour cider, and then eat the booze-soaked berries as a dessert or in homemade chocolates. 09/10/2010 · Sloe gin is just the tipple for warming up cold days, but you have to think ahead and make it now so the rock-hard, purple-black fruits have time to flavour the gin. Your gin isn't ready until the colour resembles a decent Beaujolais. Prick your sloes, about 450g, with a needle or freeze them and. 19/06/2018 · Add the gin-soaked sloes, sugar and the bottle of wine to the jar. Seal the top and shake every day for 3 weeks to ensure the sugar is fully dissolved and gin gets distributed. Then add the brandy to the jar and shake well. Stick in a corner somewhere dark and forget about it.

21/12/2019 · In previous years I have made slow sherry with my gin soaked sloes, however this year I would like to reuse them again in gin. Normally I would use 375ml gin 8 oz sloes and 2.5 oz sugar. Would I have to use the same quantities again or add more sloes and sugar to gin as the goodness has been taken from the sloes during the 1st process. If you’re wondering what to do with the strained sloes that have soaked in the gin for several months, Carl Legge has written two delicious sounding recipes for Permaculture.. One for Sloe Port and another for Sloe Chocolate as well as a third on his blog for Sloe Fridge Jam. mmmm watch this space! So when you finish your sloe or damson gin, don’t chuck out the fruit as there are several recipes for gin soaked sloes, damsons and bullaces. Damsons make a great alcoholic pudding, either baked in a suet pudding, in a sponge or in a pie. They also can be stoned and dipped into melted chocolate to make alcoholic sweets.

It's sloe season, and this year we're hoping to get hold of some fresh sloes to make delicious sloe gin. This jogs my memory that earlier in the year we made a batch of sloe gin with dried sloe berries bought off ebay, and I had difficulty finding a recipe with dried sloes. 05/10/2011 · When the last sip of sloe gin dribbles out of the bottle, left in the bottom are these lonely round sloes, bursting with alcohol. They are too rich to stomach alone but it would be a shame to let these leftovers go to waste! Carl has whipped up these two recipes so you can keep reusing your sloe berries throughout the year. 25/02/2010 · New here, my first post. I made sloe gin last year to give as gifts at Christmas. Very successfull! I saved my gin-soaked sloes and they are still inhabiting a couple of le parfait jars at the back of my store cupboard. 12/10/2011 · This season's weather has produced abundant and exceptionally fat, sweet sloes, so if you have always wanted to make sloe gin this year is as good as it gets. How you pick sloes is easily answered – carefully because of the vicious, sepsis-inducing spines from which the tree gets part of its Latin name – Prunus spinosa. Gently shake the gin-soaked raisins daily for a minimum of two weeks to ensure the raisins are surrounded by gin. The raisins will be ready to use to treat arthritis in one to two weeks, when all the gin has soaked into the raisins. Store the jar of gin-soaked raisins in a cool, dark place 1.

19/10/2013 · 1. Put the gin-soaked sloes, the chopped apples, cores, peel and lemon juice into a large preserving pan. Add just enough water to cover. Increase the heat gently and simmer on low until the berries and apple are soft and squishy – you may need to mash them a bit. This may take up to an hour or so. Leave to cool slightly. 2. 18/02/2012 · What do you do with the Sloes left over after making Sloe Gin - The Accidental Smallholder. We provide help, support and advice for smallholders and aspiring smallholders. More about us / Contact us. Sign-in / Register. Search. Home;. I don't stone the sloes before making the gin. Sloe gin is made from ripe sloes, which are traditionally picked after the first frost of winter late October to early November in the northern hemisphere. Each sloe is pricked, traditionally with a thorn taken from the blackthorn bush on which they grow.

25/10/2013 · Autumn is here so it’s time to pick or buy your sloes and make your sloe gin. Two months is the minimum amount of time it needs to mature, and as it’s now two months until Christmas First up, you need to find your sloes. Around this time in the UK the wild blackthorn trees are aching with. 30/10/2014 · Sloes aren't just for gin - why not make whisky or jam instead? If you're fed up of sloe gin, there are plenty of other delicious recipes you can use these versatile berries in instead. Curious about how this works. I tested the gin-soaked raisins in both a cloth-covered jar due to lack of space and a closed jar. The closed jar did not evaporate the alcohol as would be expected on the covered one, and they did not have much if any pain relieving effect.

21/12/2009 · sloe gin / vodka, soaked fruit. Hi very new to all this - the forum and making our own, have made some amazing sloe gin and vodka and now I have some boxes of the soaked fruit in the fridge, any recipie ideas please? do not want to loose this as I m sure there must be something I can use it in Mincemeat did cross my mind. 20/01/2010 · Posted: Thu Dec 31, 09 5:05 pm Post subject: I thought about giving them to the chickens but decided not to. In the end I put them in another jar with the dregs of the gin bottle and did a. 07/05/2010 · Cocked up with dried sloes for sloe gin 12th Oct 07 at 1:30 PM 1; Help!! I make a lot of flavoured boozes. I then rinsed the absinthe soaked Sloes thoroughly and cleaned any debris from the kilner jar and soaked them in sugar water overnight in the fridge. 25/09/2013 · Home made sloe gin. Any tips? Discussion in 'suburban75' started by longdog, Oct 4, 2012. When my damson gin is ready to put into bottles I'm going to dip the gin soaked damsons into chocolate and gift wrap some of those too. We made our gin soaked sloes into a sloe jelly that went down rather well. 20/12/2019 · Sloes Blackthorn are very small, green-fleshed, inky-skinned, wild plums with an acid flesh and bitter skin. They’re commonly found in hedgerows in England, Wales and Ireland and make a fabulous jam. Raise a glass to our choice of classic sloe gin recipes.

Boil your bottles in hot water, and wash your dried sloes repeatedly until the water runs completely still. Great – you’re ready to get started! 2. Rehydrate your sloes by soaking them for several hours in warm water. You want just enough water to make the berries plump and glossy; keep any residual water, and definitely don’t use gin. 22/12/2017 · BOPFLIX SESSION with Little L.A. UK performing new track 'Gin Soaked Floor' D.A.M. Music Productions. Filmed at The Winter Gardens, Margate, UK 2017.

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